April 11, 2017

There are plenty of things to do in Roatan, even if you are not a diver. Some people say that Roatán is a place for divers and if you are not one, there’s not much to do…well… I tend to disagree. Although we are avid divers and that is primarily what we came here for, I’d also like to take the time to highlight all the other GREAT things to do in Roatán, even if you don’t dive. Because we did not get to visit ALL of these places, these are in no particular order:

#1.) Little French Key:Little French Key is a private Island Resort with various fun activities for day visitors only, and includes horse back swimming, interaction with various animals, massages, manicure and pedicure. Little French Key is located on the south shore/windward side of the beautiful Island of Roatan, in the Bay Islands chains of Honduras. This cozy paradise houses an Animal Rescue Center with a private collection of exotic animals which mostly been rescued and are attended to with most loving care.

#2.) Daniel Johnson’s Monkey & Sloth Hangout | Roatan, Honduras: Daniel Johnson’s Monkey & Sloth Hangout is an attraction for animal lovers. The Roatan shore excursion is in close proximity to the Mahogany Bay Cruise Port and Port of Roatan. The animal park sanctuary is a great environment for everyone! Island guests will have the opportunity to interact with sloths, Capuchin 3.) Monkeys (White-Face Monkey), Scarlet Macaws, parrots, and the island rabbit(Agouti). Round-trip transportation is included with all our Roatan shore excursions!

#3.) Roatan Shore Excursion: Zip ‘n’ Dip Canopy Tour: Enjoy an alternative sightseeing experience of the remarkable Roatan Island on an exhilarating Zip ‘n’ Dip Canopy Tour. Soar over the dense canopy of Roatan’s exotic jungle on a 1.8-mile (3-km) zipline course on this adventurous shore excursion; scour the scenery for rare wildlife species and then plunge into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea for a revitalizing dip after your adventure.

#4.) Gumbalimba Park: Mitchell was taking an afternoon siesta, and I was getting anxious. I took about a 20 minute walk from West Bay to West End and found Gumbalimba Park. They were about ready to close (4:30 PM), but agreed to take my self and two other visitors on “the tour”. It was expensive to get in ($30 pp) – however I was amazed at how beautifully the grounds were maintained and what a nice job they had done to try to make it an interesting place. We crossed several bridges, entered an “insect” cave (luckily the were dead behind glass), went to the bird sanctuary and saw a lot of gorgeous Macaws and then to the monkey area. Also, pictured below, is what is known as the “Roatán, Rabbit (or Auoutis or Guatusa) – these rusty red rodents are very cute and shy – we had several scrambling around outside our cottage. Here are a few photos from Gunablima Park:

#5.) Shopping: If you are hoping to find some local products and crafts, your best bet is Coxen Hole, where all the ships come in – I did not go there to shop, however I did do some window shopping at West End. I found many local things to take home but none of them spoke to em enough to buy. I did buy a small carved stone turtle from a man on the beach but that was all that I really wanted. (although Mitchell said I was going to have “Greg Brady” syndrome.

#6) Snorkeling & Diving. I dedicated an entire post to diving – becausee it deserves it. The snorkeling was pretty good at West bay – You want to head away from West end, right past the pier where the infinity pool is and start snorkeling. It’s a little difficult because it’s very shallow with large coral heads. There are arrows to guide you …you want to make it out to the 3rd buoy, where there are more fish and it’s a bit deeper, making for a more enjoyable snorkel.





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